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How to Get Additional School Experience

Please note that under the current COVID restrictions, St Anthonys and partner schools are not able to accommodate those seeking school experience.  However, once restrictions are lifted, we hope to resume this service.

Introducing the School Experience Programme


St Anthony's is proud and delighted to be part of the new department For Education, School Experience Programme.  This is a new online service, where anyone with an interest in joining the teaching profession can gain valuable school experience.  The experience in turn may help volunteers decide their future regarding teaching, whether the career is for them or just providing an extra bit of practical knowledge before beginning a designated Teacher Training course.


School Experience candidates and volunteers are especially welcome at St Anthony's. We love having new faces in our classroom and all visitors will receive a warm welcome from children and staff alike.


As the idea of this programme is to encourage candidates to join a teacher training course, we will ensure that all candidates have the chance to observe lessons and teaching methods as well as the opportunity to interact and support children in large group and small group settings. As a current DBS is not required, volunteers without this clearance, will work with a school colleague and remain supervised at all times. This also ensures that volunteers will always have the support and advice of a teaching colleague to hand.


We will actively encourage candidates to take part in every aspect of the school life that is taking place during their visit, whether it is helping out in the classroom, going on a school trip or playing an active role in P.E. or other non-academic subjects. In addition, as we run out own School Direct Teacher Training course, there will be ample opportunity to discuss taking applications and training forward, so that candidates have the chance to go on to train and teach with the St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance.


Possible School Experience Dates


At the moment, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer the school experience programme.  However, once the restrictions have been lifted, we will ensure that new dates are advertised here.


Instructions for Completing the School Experience Application


To make your booking, simply click on the link below.


Then, when you have read through the information supplied on the page:


  • Click the green 'start now' tab.  This will take you to a search page.  
  • To find St Anthony's, simply post your own postcode or the postcode of the school. This will bring up a list of schools including St Anthony's.  
  • Click on St Anthony's and then on School details.  
  • At the bottom of the page will be a start request tab.  This will finally bring you to the three dates listed above.  
  • Select the week block (or more) that corresponds with when you would like to visit.  
  • Once you have done this, the site will ask you to give your details over a number of pages including asking you to complete a short statement of why you wish to have the experience.  If you write: 'my training provider has suggested this will be a valuable experience, enabling me to begin the course with a more in-depth and practical knowledge of teaching' this will be enough


Best of luck arranging your school experience.