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Curriculum Centered Training with St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance 


St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance School Direct has an outstanding record of training provision and nowhere is this more evident than on the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training that each and every trainee receives.  Not only does the training provide a vital link between the practice and professionalism of each placement, but is intrinsic in teaching the trainees all the additional curriculum knowledge that every Primary teacher must know in order to successfully teach their class.


On this page, you will see evidence of this successful training in action, as well as hopefully seeing the fun and diversity of activities provided.  Over the year this page will show our trainees progressing until their graduation day, when they will receive the qualification they so richly deserve.

Earl Years Understanding the World and Expressive Arts Training, Wednesday 11 December 2019


Once again our Early Years Trainee were able to benefit from the expert guidance of Seanna Reuben-Sweeney, the rich resources of St Mary's Rothwell and the company of St Mary's delightful pupils.  As they discovered their inner artist and learned how to encourage an understanding of the world, our trainees enjoyed a varied and exciting day out in the classroom as well as in the comfort of the fantastic St Mary's learning pod.  And, following this new exciting chapter in their CPD training, it is clear that the trainees will be the ones holding the strings when it comes to guiding their classes in Stage 2!

Primary 5-11, Computing, Tuesday 3 December 2019


Our Primary contingent took time out from their preparations for Stage 2, to attend the Computing CPD afternoon at St Anthony's, Beeston.  Under the expert tutelage of part-time Reception teacher and full-time IT enthusiast, Gillian Shelton, the group were able to experience the wealth of IT resources available for all the different age groups.  Through a mixture of practical and theory-based exercises, the trainees were able to learn that ITT has a place not just in the IT suite but in every aspect of the learning environment.  And as the trainees got to groups with PCs and programmable robots, it was good to see that everyone was having too much fun to sneak a hand of solitaire!

Primary 5-11 P.E. Training, Wednesday 23 October 2019


On Wednesday, our ever eager Primary 5-11 cohort swapped their smart suits for track suits and literally leaped into action.  Thanks to the expert guidance and diligence of their trainer, Kirsty Hartshorne, the trainees were soon running and star jumping, as well as defying gravity alongside the delightful pupils of St Theresa's.  The group were able to experience a range of different activities whilst gaining a valuable insight into the techniques and methodologies for teaching P.E. enjoying some real, hands-on experience outside of the classroom.  After this, I think it is safe to say, our trainees will be coming on in leaps and bounds!

Early Years Mathematical Development Training, Wednesday 9 October 2019


Our eager and highly professional Early Years Trainee joined their host school Rothwell St Mary's for the day, where they were able to experience a range of dynamic and practical methods and resources for inspiring young mathematicians in the Early Years age group.  Led by the ever brilliant Seanna Reuben Sweeney, the trainees were able to learn and train in St Mary's dedicated learning hub, as well as getting out into the classroom to meet and learn from St Mary's wonderful children,  Was it a successful day?  Well look at the happy, smiling trainees in the photos, and then 'you do the Math'!


Primary 5-11 Maths CPD Training, Wednesday 9 October 2019


Yesterday, our Primary 5-11 trainees, visited St Anthony's to brush up their Maths, curriculum knowledge.  The session was led by St Anthony's dedicated, dynamic Mathematical guru and advocate, Hannah Taylor.  Together, the group looked at the challenges of how teach Mathematics across the 5-11 age range.  The trainees met the challenge with their usual mixture of dedication and thoughtfulness, enjoying a mix of theory and practical elements, and there was even cake to share (no pie, but plenty of Pi)!  Let's hope they put their knowledge of geometry to work when dividing up the slices!



Joint Music CPD Training, Thursday 12 September 2019


On Thursday 12 September trainees from both our Primary 5-11 and Primary 3-7 courses, joined together to undertake the first, curriculum centered CPD training of the course.  In this case it was Music, led by one of experienced, outstanding SLE's Hannah Taylor.  As you will see from the photos, all our trainees enjoyed the practical. hands-on training which involved making music using a variety of instruments.  Let's hope this will increase their confidence, allowing each trainee to really blow their own trumpet when it comes interview time!

Graduation Day! - Our Successful 2018-19 School Direct Trainees


We begin the page with an ending - a very happy ending, as all the hard work and dedication of our 2018-2019 cohort comes to fruition. 


This time last year they were anticipating and planning for the course to come, but now, a year later they are already on their way to becoming the outstanding teachers their mentors and colleagues believed they are capable of becoming.  And so, as they leave the School Direct course to take up their new roles and responsibilities, we wish them all the very best of luck.  We will miss them as trainees, but look forward very much to working alongside them over the years to come.  They beginning their NQT year with high hopes.  We feel confident their success will see them rising even higher than thee mortar boards they happily cast off.


Our very best wishes to all!