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Why the St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance?

"For me, the special moments of this year have certainly been the ‘Light-bulb moments’ – every single time that a child ‘gets’ the learning concept is amazing and it is something that I will remember when I think back to my first year of teaching with School Direct".
School Direct Trainee 

Teaching with the St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance is both a joy and a privilege, which many of the testimonies and stories on this page will show.  When looking for trainees and staff, we always hope to attract the brightest and the best that the profession has to offer.  The children and families we serve are at the heart of everything we do and therefore by recruiting the best, we know we will ensure the best possible start in life for our wonderful children.  So if you are thinking of joining us as a trainee, NQT, RQT or as an experienced teacher we think you will find compelling reasons on this page to do so.  We think, you'll love our the children, our schools and our staff just as much as we do.


The wonderful teachers and trainees at Rothwell St Mary's recently participated in a short film created by our Higher Education Partners, Leeds Trinity University.  Please click on the link below to access truly compelling look at the experience of training and working with the St Anthony's Teaching Alliance:



Trinity Vision | Being An NQT

Uploaded by TrinityVision UK on 2018-04-13.

St Anthony's staff and children have also made it to radio:
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Would You Like To Train To Teach With St Anthony's? Part 1

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Why train with us?


PGCE Primary with School Direct - St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance


"Terrific school which gave me great support. My mentor really helped me through the stage and gave me great support whenever needed." School Direct Trainee 2019

"Provided a perfect balance of support while allowing me to gain independence and take control in the classroom. Allowed me to develop my own practice whilst providing opportunities for me to observe outstanding Early Years teaching. " School Direct Trainee 2019


The St Anthony’s Catholic School Alliance is an inspirational partnership. It provides an outstanding Catholic education for the children from the four compass points of the city of Leeds and its neighbouring villages. This partnership of schools is geographically unique in that it offers a wide range of experiences ranging from inner city to village locations, with a variety of catchments, including schools with high percentage English as an additional language, and high pupil premium cohorts, to contrasting catchments with high percentage gifted and talented pupils in village locations. This in itself provides a diverse, high-quality opportunity to train in a broad, rich tapestry of high achieving schools, three of which are currently graded outstanding, with several others displaying outstanding features.


All schools within the alliance are also an active part of the Catholic Compass Partnership of schools who are led by St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School. This strong and successful alliance is already well established, having worked effectively in partnership with Leeds Trinity University for many years providing outstanding training opportunities for teaching at primary and secondary level. The lead school has also previously been a partnership school for school direct with another outstanding school in the city.


St. Anthony’s Teaching School is an inspirational place to work and learn, providing unique school-based opportunities in partnership with Leeds Trinity University.


We provide high-quality training, mentoring and coaching in a supportive and caring environment. The teachers in our alliance are outstanding practitioners with exemplary behaviour management skills who are eager to share their skills, knowledge and practice with the next generation of teachers. Our Teaching School is aspirational and aims to support and train outstanding teachers of the future, with a real focus on the quality of teaching and learning.


Working closely with the National College for Teaching and Leadership we are up to date, lead and share research that shapes and develops the future of education. Our investment in training teachers extends beyond Initial Teacher Training as many of our trainees continue to complete our NQT and RQT programmes, extending through to leadership training opportunities. Not only that, we are committed to the continued professional development of teachers into system leadership and beyond. 

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Further Information About School Direct at St Anthony's


For further information, please click on the link below to download a PDF copy of our current School Direct information leaflet.

Would You Like To Train To Teach With St Anthony's? Part 2




School Direct Success Stories 2018


Alana: The hands on experience has been incredibly useful and relevant. I am incredibly happy that I chose to study with St. Anthony's Teaching School.


Jonathan: I feel as though it has been hugely beneficial to my development I have been given the right tools to tackle any problem and feel as though it has allowed me to develop my skills and be myself.


Charlotte: I feel that the training provided by St Anthony's has been thorough, supportive and brought out the best in me.


Rachel: There has been constant support and I have really enjoyed working and building relationships with fellow trainee teachers.


Emma: It has helped prepare me for my future career in teaching through the various CPD sessions ... their help and guidance has been invaluable.


Rebecca: It has been a fabulous experience. Thank you!


Ruth: Through training with St Anthony's, I have had a more personal approach to my training and I feel like I have been given support throughout my journey. I have always had someone to talk to.


Samantha: Being a non-Catholic, I have really valued the teaching that I have had about the Catholic Faith as I have learnt an awful lot. I have also really appreciated the mentoring and guidance that I have received.


Claudia: St. Anthony's teaching school has provided me with outstanding training that has given me the confidence to progress in my teaching career. The support from staff at St. Anthony's and my other teaching schools was amazing and there wasn't anything they couldn't do for me.


Sallie: I have always felt supported by St Anthony's and felt that there was always someone to turn to if I needed help, whether that be my teacher, mentor or course leader.


Rebecca: The training provided passionate and supportive mentors throughout. The training has allowed me to gain real experience of teaching, gradually and at a pace which was realistic.