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Application Process

How To Apply to St. Anthony's Initial Teacher Training - A Quick Guide


1. Choose 1 to 3 Schools that run the course you are interested in.


2.  Enter the specific code of the courses you want to apply for:


                  St Anthony's Primary 3-7 = 2NZ4


                  St Anthony's Primary 5-11 = 2NZ3


3. Fill in the rest of the application form - this will be sent to each school you apply for.


4.  Contact your referees and let them know they need to have your reference ready once you have been offered a place on a training course.


5.  Upload your form to the Apply for Teacher Training website


7.  Your form will be sent to the Training partner for each school e.g. Leeds Trinity University.  They will be vetted for qualifications.  If you have all the correct qualifications, your form will then be sent to each school you have applied for.


8.  If you meet all the requirements you will be invited to an interview or interviews.  St. Anthony's only requires candidates to attend 1 school-based interview.


The Application Process In Detail


When the application portal for the 2024-24 courses is open, you will be able to search for further details about our courses on the DfE website:  Once you have accessed the search tool you can find our courses by entering St. Anthony's Primary Learning Partnership selecting the 'By school, university or other training provider' box, and selecting continue. Then you should find a page with further options regarding the subject you want to teach.  If you then select the Primary box (a tick will appear) and press 'continue', you will find the two courses we run.  Simply click on the course you are interested in, and you will be taken to a detailed information page.


Once you have found the course you wish to study, you can make your application directly on the DfE Application page:


Stage 1 - Application


When you are completing your application, you will be given three choices of course or provider. As well as entering the name of the provider or providers of your choice, you will need to add a course code to enable the Apply system to easily link your application to the right course:


PGCE Primary 3-7 Years - UCAS code 2NZ4


PGCE Primary 5-11 Years - UCAS code 2NZ3


Once you have completed your application with the appropriate references, it will be available to view by the course provider or providers that you have applied for.


Our Academic Partner, Leeds Trinity University processes the applications in the first instance, making sure that applications meet the basic qualifications criteria required for the course. The application will then be appraised by members of staff from the chosen schools, who will then decide if the applicant is eligible for an interview.

Stage 2 - Individual Interview


If an application is successful the applicant will be invited to attend an individual interview.  A formal invitation will be sent by Leeds Trinity's Student Admissions team, but St. Anthony's will also send details of the interview by email.


Once an invitation to an individual interview has been received the applicant must contact St. Anthony's as soon as possible to confirm their availability.  If an applicant is unable to make an interview or has decided not to pursue their application they must also inform us of this as soon as possible.


The interview will be held here at St. Anthony's and will take place in a single afternoon.  Details of the structure and timing of the interview day will be provided once an applicant has been invited to interview.


Stage 3 - Offer


If an applicant is successful a formal offer will be sent out by Apply, but St. Anthony's will also try to contact successful applicants as soon as a decision is made.


Unless otherwise indicated, all offers will be conditional until the candidate has met the course requirements which will be specified in the offer statement.


Stage 4 - Accepting an offer


Once an offer has been made, and the references have been approved, an applicant has ten days after their last offer has been completed in which to make their choice of course. Therefore a choice does not have to be made until a candidate's three providers have informed the applicant whether or not they have an offer.


Finally, after an applicant has provided acceptable references and passed the academic partner's admin. checks, the offer will become 'unconditional'.  Once an offer has been made unconditional, all prospective School Direct Teacher Trainees will be invited to a School Direct Induction day to be held in the Summer.


The course will then commence at the beginning of the School Year in September.


If an application is not successful


If an application or interview does not meet requirements, Apply will be informed of this and the application halted.  If this does occur, applicants will be given formal notification by Apply and Leeds Trinity's Student Admissions Department.


Whilst feedback is not possible if the application is halted at the short-listing stage, feedback will usually be given following the individual interview stage and should be requested from Leeds Trinity in the first instance.