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Our Placement Partnership Schools

Our Placement Partnership Schools


As our Partnership has grown and developed over the years, we have been delighted to work with a variety of good or outstanding schools across the region.  Whether they are part of our alliance or not, every school has been selected for their adherence to the highest child-centered, education-focused principles that St. Anthony's and her partners share.  With the large range of schools now in our Initial Teacher Training Placement Partnership, we are able to offer a wide range of locations and experiences to our trainees, encompassing inner-city schools and the more 'leafy lane schools, as well as schools with large intakes, and those like St Anthony's with a lower demographic.


As a member of this partnership, schools work closely with our Initial Teacher Training team, to mentor and guide our trainees, receiving up-to-date and cutting-edge training in the latest teaching ideas and practices.


School Placement Requirements


As part of our Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Programme, every trainee will be expected to teach in two contrasting placement schools.  Beginning with a 'host' school in Stage 1 of the course, trainees will learn the basics of teaching through observation and small-group work, whilst receiving more subject-specific training through CPD and University lectures.  By the end of Stage 1, every trainee should have taught one English and Maths lesson.


Stage 2 requires trainees to move to their second, 'home' school, where they will also teach during Stage 3.  During Stage 2 and Stage 3, trainees will gradually teach a larger proportion of lessons throughout the whole curriculum, until they are effectively taking over a significant proportion of the class timetable.


Both placement schools will contrast both in location and composition, so that whilst one school may be located in inner-city Leeds with a single-entry intake, the next placement school might be a large school in a suburban area, with a two-tier, or even three-tier entry and a nursery attached. 


Although St. Anthony's would love to have all its trainees on-site, due to large cohort numbers this simply isn't possible. Therefore, it is likely that most trainees will find themselves teaching in one of our good or outstanding partner schools.  When assigning schools to our trainees, the ITT team considers a number of different factors including the physical location of the individual; if they have their own transport or if they have to utilise public transport; if they have other important factors which may affect their school journey, such as child-care.  Also, we try very hard to match trainees with schools that suit their individual qualities and experience of teaching, so that they receive the best possible placement.


The most important element in a successful placement is that a trainee arrives feeling happy and as stress-free as possible, confident that they know what is expected of them that particular day and throughout their placement; something we in the St Anthony's continuously strive to ensure.

Our Placement Schools


St Anthony's is proud to work in partnership for School Direct training, with a large number of good or outstanding schools across the region.  To find out more about the unique and individual personality of each school, simply click on their name to visit their website: