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Always Open and Friendly at the Trinity Open Day

It's been a difficult year.  After the elation of returning to normal life after COVID and the rush to trade old stale lives for new, fresh, and exciting ones, came an economic and emotional lull.


As we have been busy on our usual recruitment drive, we have noticed how affected potential trainees have been by the rapid changes to the economy that have overcome us all since last Autumn.  Many applicants who would have flocked to join the ranks of teaching have hesitated quite understandably, having to balance their dreams with the practical necessities of feeding and clothing themselves and their families.  And then there has been the lure of Secondary bursaries which have meant some have naturally taken up courses offering them financial support when they might normally have taken up Primary Teaching ...


Still, despite this sombre note, I am pleased to say that we have seen some excellent candidates so far and met some brilliant potential candidates at the last Open Day and Train to Teach Event.  We are hoping then that the event on Saturday the 18th will provide more encounters with potential trainees and future outstanding members of the teaching profession.


Of course, we appreciate it is not easy at the moment to commit to course fees and a year of no pay and very hard work, but rest assured we at the St Anthony's Primary Learning Partnership will do our best as always to support our trainees through whatever difficulties they may face.  Also, there are student loans available, and perhaps even more hopeful in terms of pay, the course itself only runs from September to May. leaving time for many to look for lucrative supply teaching often at their first, ECT school.


If you do choose to face the challenges of the training, we can definitely guarantee that you will complete the course ready to take up a job with rewards far beyond the financial.  A job that is never dull.  A job although challenging and hard that also offers exciting career progression and a chance to really make a difference.  So if these rewards are for you, please come and talk to us to get the lowdown and who knows you may soon be training in some of the nicest schools in Leeds with some of the loveliest children you are ever likely to meet.


We are always open about the challenges and demands as well as the rewards, and we are always friendly.  Find us on Saturday the 18th and find out for yourself.