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And So The Training Begins

Here we are again, the start of the new year, and though we old hands are jaded and cynical, the intake of new trainees like the intake of new trainees can put a smile on our faces and remind us why we do this year in and year out.


And what smiles we have had.  We say it every year, but our new trainees have proved to be a real joy.  Hardworking, professional, committed, and reflective, they are all anyone could want for a teacher training cohort.  Of course, we buff our nails and say this reflects our excellent taste, but we think as well that the trainees have had the good taste and good taste to join one of the best small institution-run courses in the local area.  Our trainees have selected us because they know that alongside the excellent practical mentoring and training they receive, they will be treated as important individuals, not just numbers or a fee as in bigger organisations.  And we have selected them because we know that each and every one of them has the potential to become an outstanding teacher.


So as we begin the new academic year, we wish them every success and look forward to hearing of their triumphs in the the days to come.