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Easter Break Without Easter! School Holiday Dates

St Anthony's and a host of our Alliance Schools will be closing this Friday for the annual Easter Break, however Easter won't be celebrated until the end of April!  Still, it's pretty certain that as the daffodils shoot up and the buds appear on the trees, some chocolate will still be consumed!


More importantly however, the school will celebrate the resurrection and ascension of Christ the week following our return from the Easter break.  So this year, we will have a rare opportunity to enjoy a welcome break, before moving on to contemplate and learn from the somber and moving experience of the Easter story.


The School will be closed from 1.00 pm, Friday 29 April until Monday 15 April.  Followed by the Easter weekend, when the school will be closed for Good Friday, 19 April and Easter Monday, 22 April.


But in case you were thinking of applying for School Direct but need some information or advice to help you, don't worry, even though the school will be closed, you can still find a host of information on our website:


Furthermore, our Teaching School P.A. Mr Andrew Bove, will be available by email (which he promises to check between chocolate breaks) should you have any pressing concerns or questions about the School Direct application process:


He will be checking applications and hopefully inviting applicants to interview in the first few weeks after Easter.  So don't delay, keep those applications rolling in!  And most importantly, have a wonderful, relaxing Easter break!