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New Easy Guide to Applying to School Direct Added

As part of our striving to deliver the very best and most helpful website, we at St Anthony's have added a new section to our ITT training pages.  Now, when you visit our Application Process page:


you will see a new easy steps guide to the application process. 


Although fairly basic, we hope that the guide will give a quick summary to those wishing to understand the process at one glance.  The guide is then followed by a more informative stage-by-stage explanation. 


Also added, is an FAQ PDF provided by UCAS itself, that directly addresses those difficult and niggling questions that even the most experienced user can find themselves asking.  Of course if you can't find answers to you question in on this page, don't worry, our ever helpful Teaching School PA, Mr Andrew Bove, is always on hand to help you smoothly negotiate the UCAS process:


So now the help is there and the opening of the application portal imminent, it only remains for us to wish you the very best of luck with your application!