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Our Training is Healthy and Going Strong

Despite the many changes imposed upon us this year and as we pass the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Pandemic, all of us can only reflect on the losses and the hardships we have encountered, whilst hoping for something much better to come.


Despite the unprecedented events, we in the Alliance have continued to work through the extra demands and changes imposed upon us, educating our wonderful children online or in school.   Alongside this, we have worked hard to support our trainees and we think we have done pretty well to ensure that they have had as full and rich a teaching experience as the circumstances have allowed, avoiding the great periods of inactivity which dogged our trainees during the first lockdown. 


However, it is not just our continued optimism that leads us to believe this, we have been lucky to have received some very pleasing feedback from this year's hard-working, professional, and truly dedicated School Direct cohort.  The following is only one example of their praise:


"Really enjoyed my placement.  The school has been so supportive and I have learned so much from being there. The development opportunities have been brilliant and the knowledge that they have shared with me has been amazing. My mentor has done everything asked of her as a mentor and more, she has supported me throughout giving me some brilliant techniques for teaching strategies in young children."


So if you are wondering whether to start your teaching journey and apply for next year's training, don't hesitate!  We are still healthy and going strong and we are confident the same will be true whatever the challenges of next year.  And though it is unlikely that things will be ever the same as they were before the Pandemic, we are certain that St Anthony's will continue to deliver some of the best training around!