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School Direct 2018 - 19, Last Few Places Remaining!

Since it's inception, St Anthony's School Direct Programme has always succeeded, not only in terms of recruiting to it's full quota of places, but most importantly, recruiting only the very best teacher trainees. 


Nevertheless, it was with a real sense of apprehension that we began the latest round of recruitment back in November.  Not only were we in competition with some of the best Teacher Training establishments in the region (some of them encompassing nearly triple the number of schools in our partnership) but we had been awarded a never-before-tried recruitment target of 20 places to fill, nearly three times as much as last year!  However, not to be daunted and under the assured leadership of Siobhan Leonard and Clair McFadden, we have risen to the challenge and with months still to go before the Summer vacation, we are proud to say that we have almost filled our quota!


At the outset, we were adamant that despite the largest ever recruitment target, we would not compromise on the quality that we expect in our trainees and decided that even if we recruited just five brilliant candidates, that would be better than twenty candidates whose potential was unclear.  And as the recruitment process nears its end, we are delighted to say that every candidate we have recruited this year (like every year so far) has been quite exceptional.  Each and every trainee invited to join us, has the potential we feel to be an outstanding practitioner, who will go on to enrich the lives of the children and communities they will serve in their professional capacity.  And as we near the end of the recruitment cycle, we can only be grateful that they have chosen to train with us.  As you can well imagine, we are look forward to the start of the new term in September, with a great amount of excitement.


However, before we begin resting on out laurels, there are still a last few places to fill and some more brilliant candidates to interview.  So, if you are thinking of applying to join one of our courses or know someone who is thinking about it - get a move on!  There are only a few places left and we are fairly confident that these will be filled by the end of May! Send your application to us as soon as possible; then, who knows, you too might be training alongside some of the best teacher trainees, under the instruction of some of the best mentors and trainers in the region.


Good luck to you and to our exceptional 21018 - 19 trainees.  It is going to be a quite challenging but truly outstanding year!