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School Direct 2023-24 Application Open, Tuesday 11 October 2022

'Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset'.


Like Tevye form Fiddler on the Roof as he watches his daughters grow up, we see the training years come and go with frightening rapidity and regularity.  Sometimes, having followed the same training and recruiting routines we become a bit jaded, a bit dulled by familiarity.  And then 'boom', the application portal opens, the Trinity Open Day happens and it is like watching the first sunrise again.  The excitement becomes palpabl,e and no matter what the routine, the wave of excited and eager recruits makes us wake up, refresh and try all that much harder.


And so, the cycle is almost upon us as the DfE Application portal opens again next Tuesday 11 October.  From 9.00 am onwards these self-same eager recruits will be able to apply for a teacher training course of their choice, and we are very much looking forward to receiving once again, the best and the brightest for interview and training.


Closely following on the heels of the portal opening, is the Trinity Open Day where prospective trainees can come face to face with their prospective trainers to ask and receive answers to all those important questions, hopefully allaying their pre-course nerves and anxieties in the process. Once again we will be there, ready to help and guide visitors on their tentative first steps along the road to teaching.  There may be chocolates on offer, possibly pens, but most importantly, there will be a warm welcome and free advice to anyone interested in teaching, regardless of their choice of training provider.


We may have seen it all a hundred times, but we will always wake up with a jolt and a smile as we greet the humbling and awe-inspiring enthusiasm of the new teacher.


sunrise, sunset - bring it on!