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School Direct 21-22 Now Open!

Trying not to constantly repeat, 'what a strange year it's been' is not easy at the moment, but whatever anyone says, it has been a very, very strange year.  Nevertheless, even during Lockdown we at St Anthony's have managed to support and nurture our trainees and now, they have taken their rightful NQT places (many in our Alliance schools) leaving us to turn our attention to seeking out the next batch of outstanding St Anthony's teacher trainees.


And so, in spite of the very strange events of this very strange year, the Application Portal for the 2021-22 School Direct cycle is now open and we at St Anthony's can't wait to welcome the high quality candidates who anticipate will soon be beating a path to our door.


If you are interested in joining our hugely successful training scheme then why not look through the extensive information available on our website.  Although, because of the continuing COVID precautions, we are unable to offer school visits at the moment, we are very happy to support you with your application.  So, if you have any pressing questions about our course or the application and interview process, please don't hesitate to email our Teaching School P.A. , Mr Andrew Bove: who will be able to supply you with his normal detailed and helpful information.


Good luck with your application, your teaching journey starts now!