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School Direct Recruitment - Half Way There!

It's been a busy three months since the UCAS portal opened, but we at St Anthony's can honestly say we have been delighted by the high quality of applicants we have received (not to mention the high volume).  When we were awarded 20 places in the Autumn, our highest recruitment number since we opened as a teaching school, we were filled with some trepidation as to whether we would ever be able to fill such a large number of vacancies.  Well, we needn't have worried.  Even though it is only January, we have made 14 offers and had 10 firm acceptances!  So, I think it is fair to say we are half way there already!


We have been wowed by some truly excellent trial lessons and dazzled by the passion and commitment of those who have visited us so far.  And we can honestly say we are excited by the prospect of welcoming such high-calibre recruits to our alliance in September.


So if you haven't put in your application for the 18-19 School Direct course, you probably better hurry!  After all, it might not be long before we are announcing our course is full!