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Stage 2 Has Begun!

If Covid, the post-Christmas blues, plummeting temperatures, and a succession of leaden skies weren't enough to contend with, our brave and resilient trainees are faced with an additional challenge this week.  Despite having been comfortable and secure in their host schools, they have been evicted from their comfort zones and forced to start all over again in a new school.


It is of course the beginning of Stage 2, the most unsettling and some would say, most challenging part of the school training year, as the trainees must build new relationships with ther new colleagues and children as well as putting all they have learned into practice in a strange classroom.  Not only that, it won't be long before their timetables are increased and they are teaching the class on a more prolonged basis.


Despite all the challenges (don't be put off prospective trainees), we know that as ever, our superb trainees will rise to the challenge and really begin to show the full range and breadth of their superlative abilities which we have already had some impressive glimmers.  As always, the partnership brilliant mentors and subject leaders will be there to support and assist them along the way.  We look forward to hearing of their successes and adventures as the term goes on.  In the meantime, all the staff and children in our partnership wish them the very best of luck and every success in the weeks ahead.