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We Wish You a Mery Christmas, and a Happy Stage 2!

Christmas is here again (I'll refrain from doing a Noddy Holder cry) and despite all the joy and thanksgiving, there is a little twinge of sadness for some of our trainees, who find themselves saying goodbye to their host school this week.  In the few months they have been with their Stage One class they have forged strong relationships with staff and children alike and stored up a wealth of happy memories that they will have with them the rest of their lives.  But despite any feeling of sadness, it is time to move on to Stage Two and a new, home school where they will be spending the rest of their practical training.  Of course, it will be strange at first, full of new challenges and demands and always the hard work and dedication required of a teacher, but also the beginning of new friendships and the getting of even more happiness to fill their days.  So that hopefully any tinge of sadness now felt will be banished in those first few days at their new school.


So from all of us at St Anthony's and our partner schools, we wish our trainees a very Happy Christmas and an even happier New Year and Stage 2.


It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! (I couldn't resist, sorry Noddy)